General & AOA Parking - Columbus Airport Commission

General & AOA Parking

Columbus Airport offers two on-site parking options. Short-term parking is located adjacent to the terminal, is convenient and available for travelers, with passenger pick-ups, departures and arrivals centralized in one place. Long-term parking offers easy accessibility for travelers, unlike big city airports that rely on transportation via shuttles. For both parking locations, please take a ticket as you enter the lot. Parking for people with disabilities and parking for Veterans are provided in each lot. Following the walkway will lead you directly into the terminal to ticketing and baggage claim.

Parking Information

New Day Starts at 1:00 am.

Debit/Credit cards only at the Exit. Cash Customers must pay inside at kiosk.

Short Term Parking Rates

0-30 Minutes$2.00
31-60 Minutes$3.00
Each Addl. Hour$2.00
Daily  $10.00

Long Term Parking Rates

0-60 Minutes$3.00
Each Addl. Hour.$2.00