Pet Assistance

To accommodate passengers’ pets and guide dogs, a Pet Pavilion is located at the end of the West Terminal.  The Pavilion offers biodegradable bags along with  grass, rocks and benches.

As policies relating to the transportation of pets vary by airline and time of year, we suggest you contact your airline directly for details.

Contact Information
Delta (800) 352-2746



Service Animals

To accommodate passengers’ pets and service animals, Columbus Airport has a Pet Pavilion located at the end of the West Terminal outside door to the right of the building. Owners can take animals to this grassy area and allow pets to relieve themselves. Owners are expected to clean up after their animals if possible with scoopers provided on site. Pet owners whose animals experience an accident elsewhere around the terminal may use the Pet Pavilion scoopers and receptacles for clean-up.

Columbus Airport does not have pet facilities inside the secured areas. We recommend owners take advantage of the above location if possible.